Bio-Terrain Assessment (BTA)

Patient Information and Instructions

The urine contains a wealth of bio-chemical information. All bio-chemical processes of your body leave residues that eventually find their way to the urine. Thus, the urine specimen is ideal for measuring and monitoring your metabolic health. In order to obtain the clearest information from your urine specimen, follow these recommendations:

Eliminate these things for at least 24 hours prior to collecting urine

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Medicines (unless prescribed by a physician)
  • Coffee, tea, soda, alcohol
  • Junk foods, gum, candy, artificial sweeteners and sugars
  • Beets, carrots, and berries

Drink plenty of water until you begin fasting.

Fast for 12-14 hours prior to your test. After dinner the night before, (Usually 8:00) refrain from eating or drinking anything until after you have collected the urine sample.

Collecting Urine Specimen:

  • Obtain a sample of your first morning urine (after 4:00 AM).
  • Collect mid-stream.
  • Use a specimen cup provided or a clean glass jar and lid.
  • Write your name on your specimen.
  • Do not freeze or refrigerate sample.
  • Do not touch the preservative tablet contained in the specimen cup.


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