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Longevity Now Offering FREE Cutting Edge Therapy Scans

New Technology Allows Us to Pinpoint the Most Effective Therapies for our patients.

Our practice has grown by leaps and bounds during the last year, moving to a new facility, expanding our pharmacy and offering so many new supporting detox therapies.  We also added another Licensed Acupuncturist, a Licensed Neuromuscular Therapist and a Licensed Chiropractor to our team.  We’re proud to say that our staff is more qualified than ever before to assist you in reaching your health goals!

Over these last few months, many of you have asked about which of our supporting therapies would be best for you, and now a new technology will allow us to answer that question!  Our Zyto Therapy Scan will survey your system and pull up which therapies are a fit for you, in order of the most beneficial.  We’ll then be able to recommend Hyperbaric Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, Massage, Lymphatic Therapy, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Foot Bath, Sauna or Light Therapy to you with more certainty, rather than just guessing which one would help you the most.  Our package specials make it simple and affordable to try more than one therapy if two or more things come up as particularly helpful for you.

The therapy scan is quick and non-invasive!

The therapy scan is quick and non-invasive!

Whether you’re dealing with acute or chronic pain, have a particular health issue you want to address or you just want to speed up your detox process, we encourage you to come and have a FREE therapy scan today.  Call and talk to a staff member for more details, or request a scan at your next office visit.