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Patient Testimonial: A Journey to Motherhood

Stories like these are why we all show up to work at Longevity Health Center each day.  If you have a testimonial to share, we’d love to use it as an encouragement for current and prospective patients! 

I have always considered myself healthy. As a college gymnast, I ate right, did more than my
share of exercise, and generally took care of myself. When I graduated from college, I continued a life of exercise and general well being. I ran 2 marathons and 6 half marathons and honestly, I felt like I was in better health that when I was at the peak of my gymnastics career. So, when it came time to start thinking about starting a family, I figured “I’ll get off birth control, and I’ll get pregnant.”

I first started to get worried when, after discontinuing birth control, I would go months without having a menstrual cycle. The athlete in me figured I was just exercising too much, but deep down, I knew this was not just a case of over-exercise. I started seeing specialists…my gynecologist diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, an endocrinologist tested me for several disorders like Cushings Syndrome and Adrenal Hyperplasia all with inconclusive results. Every doctor I saw wanted to put me on some kind of drug to “force” my body to do something it didn’t seem capable of doing on its own. No one could tell me why this was happening. That’s when I decided to visit Longevity Health Center.

At my first appointment, Dr. Anderson immediately saw some imbalances in my body. I sat down with JoAnna who took me step-by-step through my treatment plan. After my first detox, I had a 35 day cycle. I then started a series of herbal treatments and started seeing Alice for acupuncture. Immediately I began seeing results…normal cycles, ovulation each month, sleeping better, feeling better, etc. Doc and Alice were able to tell me why, something no medical doctor was ever able to do.

As I write this testimonial, my 11 week old son is asleep in his crib. After more than a year of trying to conceive unsuccessfully, I became pregnant last summer. My husband and I are so thankful for Doc, Alice, JoAnna, and the entire Longevity staff for helping us through this journey and helping make parenthood possible for us.

~ KP – Atlanta, GA