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Lisa’s Story: The Supporting Therapy Game Changer

At Longevity Health Center, our mission is to love God and serve people by pursuing healing and encouraging wellness, both for ourselves and for our patients.  That’s why stories like this from our long-time regular patient Lisa M. make us so happy!  Lisa is experiencing incredible improvements in her quality of life by utilizing a combination of the many of the services that we have to offer.  Read her story below! 

Longevity Health Center has been a blessing to me as I battle with Chronic Lyme Disease and have a history of Lymphoma and Leukemia.  The entire staff is so genuinely caring and sensitive.

One particular therapy that has been a game changer in my health battle against Lyme Disease is the HOCATT.  Lisa is so supportive and helpful, continually monitoring and ensuring my comfort during the treatment.  She offers innovative ideas and customizes the treatment to my needs, and she is extremely attentive and helpful during the treatment. The first few sessions were challenging, as the detox was difficult.  However I was committed to the series of 10 prepaid treatments (the best money I ever spent!) and Lisa was very reassuring and encouraging.

I am so grateful I persevered and continued on as I began to see drastic benefits.  Most noticeable are my increased energy levels. I can now hike both days every weekend! My immune system has improved so I don’t have frequent infections and viruses. My body doesn’t ache or feel like I have flu-like symptoms. I am told by others that my skin color has changed from a dull gray to a healthy rosy pink.  I am happy to see the increased benefits as I have now completed my 25th session.  I plan to continue until energetic testing by Alice shows no trace of spirochetes (Lyme bacteria).  Then I plan to continue a maintenance schedule, as I feel the treatments are extremely beneficial.

I have discovered that the HOCATT treatment in conjunction with supportive Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Acupuncture is advantageous and amplifies the benefits.  Follow-up with acupuncture the following day by Andrea or Alice (both women are so knowledgeable and proficient in acupuncture.), has been extremely effective in facilitating the detoxification process.  Also, I periodically precede the HOCATT treatment with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy since my lymph system has a tendency to get congested.  I schedule with either Nancy, Andrea or Kate as my work schedule permits as they are all incredibly accommodating and supportive.

A special shout-out to sweet and lovely Ashley who works with me to schedule my complicated treatment appointments around my work schedule! I think sometimes she is more aware of my schedule needs than I am at times. Truly I am so impressed by the level of professionalism combined with care and thoughtfulness from the entire staff at Longevity.

If you have a testimonial to share, we’d love to hear from you and use your story to encourage others! 

HOCATT: Hyperthermic Oxygen and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy

Longevity is thrilled to introduce a brand new cutting-edge supporting therapy that enhances detoxification, boosts the immune system and combats disease and illness.  





The acronym HOCATT stands for “hyper-thermic oxygen and carbonic acid transdermal therapy.” The HOCATT acts as a personal steam sauna, in which a person sits with just his/her head exposed to room air, while the body receives the benefits of infusion through the skin of tri-oxygen, carbonic acid, steam, infra-red light, photon light therapy, oxygen and aroma therapy. There are also TENS unit like programs that can treat painful areas. This sauna treatment is now in use in over 20 countries. It is safe, pleasant and effective for all people seeking vibrant health or pain control.

The proven therapies that this unique tri-oxygen sauna system delivers can successfully address and improve the levels of physical health and well-being for all users.

  • Increases circulation
  • Increases oxygen level and metabolism (anti-aging)
  • Combats and disposes of pathogens and toxins (detox)
  • Increases energy level
  • Increases serotonin levels (relaxing)
  • Activates skin tissue
  • Burns up to 600 calories per session
  • Improves memory and brain function
  • Promotes smooth skin tone
  • Improves digestion and bowel health
  • Naturally stimulates anti-oxidant enzyme production
  • Aids in the relief of chronic health problems



The Importance of Oxygen

The human body runs off oxygen. In fact, a full 90% of the energy you produce is created through aerobic metabolism. If you are not getting enough oxygen, your body cannot produce enough energy.

Unfortunately, oxygen levels are decreasing dramatically. According to Robert Berner of Yale University, the air we breathe today is as much as 1/3 less oxygen-potent as when we first walked the Earth… dipping to as little as 12% oxygen in major cities.

Quite simply, the body cannot heal, or function properly without adequate oxygen.

Call our office to learn more about the benefits of HOCATT as well as individual session and series pricing!

Our Mission and Core Values

If you are considering Longevity Health Center for yourself, a friend or a family member, here’s a little bit of insight into who we are and what we value!

Longevity Logo

Mission Statement
At Longevity Health Center, our mission is to love God and serve people by pursuing healing and encouraging wellness, both for ourselves and for our patients.

Core Values
We believe that our creator, God, is the ultimate source of all healing.
Our work is more than a livelihood; it is a calling. Therefore, we desire to honor God in thought, word and deed as we care for his people.

We treat people, not diseases.
As each person is unique, we treat people as individuals, putting thought, study and purpose into personalized plans of care. Our team of dedicated practitioners and support staff strive to treat each person with sensitivity, dignity and respect, always working to create a positive and encouraging environment for our patients.

• We practice a naturopathic and preventative approach to healthcare.
We recognize that there are many factors that affect a person’s health: physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences must all be addressed. We seek to utilize the most non-toxic and non-invasive methods of intervention to strengthen the body’s natural processes of healing and detoxification, addressing root cause issues. Some of the modalities that we incorporate include homeopathy, nutrition, acupuncture and herbology.

• We understand that wellness is an ongoing journey, and not a destination.
True health is not merely the absence of symptoms, but sustained wellness in mind, body and spirit. We encourage our patients to be proactive in their own pursuit of health. We want to educate, empower and encourage our patients to pursue lifelong health and vitality!

• We believe in a partnership approach between patient and practitioner.
This is the cornerstone of wholistic medicine, a way to achieve optimal health. We want our patients to be truly invested in the process, recognizing that intention determines the path of healing.
• We are committed to continuous education, both for ourselves and our patients.
Our staff is committed to ongoing learning and implementation of best practices concerning testing, protocols and therapies. We want to keep our finger on the pulse of ever-changing research, modalities and technological advancements in order to provide our patients the best that natural healthcare has to offer.

• We strive to implement the principles we teach in our personal lives.
Our team does our best to practice what we preach!

• We want to do our work with excellence.
A job worth doing is worth doing well, to the glory of our heavenly father! We will continuously seek to improve our processes, tools and efficiencies. We value the time of both the patient and the practitioner, and do all that we can to run on time, encouraging our patients to arrive on time for scheduled and confirmed appointments.

• We seek to delight our patients, providing the highest level of customer service, in a warm and caring environment.
We want our customers to have a satisfying experience each time they interact with a member of the Longevity Health Care team, whether in person, over the phone, or via technology.