Dangerous Pollutants:

You are what you drink!

One of the pollutants all of us are exposed to on a daily basis is Phthalates. Phthalates, or plastics, are commonly found in our foods, most of which are packaged in plastics, and beverages supplied in plastic bottles. When water bottles are heated, as they often are when left in our vehicles during the hot weather in Georgia, these toxins are released into the water or other beverages. Polycarbonate is a harder, more stable material than the light weight plastic used for beverages. There is usually a number on the bottom of the polycarbonate containers. Containers with the number 7 are considered to be the most stable. These containers are often available from hiking or outdoor stores, and cost approximately $7.95.

Something to Talk About

Cell Phone

In addition to the high levels of air, water, and chemical pollution we must now contend with, electromagnetic pollution poses a serious threat to our health. Cell phones are now used by almost everyone. Some experts assert that young people using cell phones today will suffer from dementia by mid-life. The near microwave frequencies of cell phones purportedly cause leakage in the blood-brain barrier.

Polarizers are thought to offer some protection from these damaging frequencies, but up until now there has been no proof that these devices actually work. The Bio Pro polarizer has been proven by thermographic studies to protect cell phone users from harmful electromagnetic pollution. My family and I now utilize these polarizers, and are offering them to our Longevity friends. They retail for $28.95. Quantities of 18 or more can be purchased for a 30 percent discount. They may also be applied to hair dryers, computers, cordless phones, and other electronic devices.

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