Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Kind of Medicine Is Used?
  • What Is Expected Of Me?
  • Will It Help Me?
  • What Can I Expect on the Program?

What Kind of Medicine Is Used?

We work with homeopathic remedies because of their tremendous impact upon the body's "vital force," or bioenergetic system. These products are very cost effective. Herbal preparations are also employed. Their wonderful healing properties have been known since Biblical times. There are numerous scriptural references to the healing properties of herbs. Finally, we work with nutritional supplementation. We have found that nutritional supplementation and a healthful way of life are the best preventive measures, and are essential with today's toxic environment and devitalized soils. Supplementation, however, is not a substitute for a balanced diet. We, therefore, stress the importance of a cleansing diet during the detoxification stage, and a nutritious, balanced diet to maintain optimal health.

What Is Expected Of Me?

We are committed to helping you regain and maintain your health. A Naturopath is like a health coach, who forms a partnership with you to help you achieve your health goals. This takes a commitment on your part; we can only facilitate the process. It is not our job to make decisions for you, but rather to inform and thereby empower you to make healthy choices. The doctors and staff of our clinic are always available to help you integrate this program into your life. No amount of natural medicine can compensate for an unhealthy lifestyle. We expect you to implement our recommendations to the best of your ability.

Our responsibility is to provide quality service and products at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, insurance does not currently cover Naturopathic health care in the state of Georgia. All payments are expected when services are rendered. We know your time is valuable and, therefore, we do not double-book appointments. We usually run on schedule, and ask that you honor the time of your appointments by giving us at least 24 hours notice of cancellation.

Will It Help Me?

Most of our health problems today are due to an accumulation of toxins within the connective tissue of the body. Old bacterial, viral and fungal infections, medications, and environmental pollutants are stored within the tissue, and the body becomes more and more burdened with this toxic accumulation. The result is fatigue and chronic degenerative disease, two of the epidemics of our day. Bioenergetic testing effectively identifies these toxic accumulations, which can then be safely eliminated from the body with the assistance of natural remedies. In this way, chronic conditions can be alleviated by removing their cause, rather than suppressing the symptoms through the use of drugs. Once the body is free of these irritants, the immune system can function on a more efficient level.

What Can I Expect on the Program?

Approximately 80% of our patients suffer from chronic health problems. The first phase of the program involves detoxification. This can take anywhere from one month to one year to accomplish, depending on the patient's age, immune function, medical history, etc. About 90 - 120 days is the average.Recovering from chronic illness is very much like building a house. First, a strong foundation must be laid. We consider detoxification the foundation of good health. Unlike allopathic medications, which mask symptoms but add to the body's toxic burden, biological preparations gently assist the body in detoxifying the underlying cause of the illness. Results, therefore, are usually gradual. In the initial stages of the program, people often feel worse as the toxins are eliminated from body tissue. This should not, however, be confused with the side effects associated with allopathic medications. We must emphasize that in a real healing process, toxins must be expressed, not suppressed. This stage usually passes quickly, and a new level of wellness is achieved.

Many people begin to experience increased energy levels, deeper sleep, and a sense of well-being sometime during the second month. Gradually, people experience more sustained energy and relief from annoying symptoms.

Toxic Burdening

The health problems confronting us as we enter the new millennium are different than at any other time in human history. Physicians have been thoroughly trained to diagnose infectious diseases, which have dramatically decreased during this century, but they have not been trained to recognize the single most important threat to our health that we now face: toxic burdening.

It is impossible to separate ourselves from our environment. Food additives, air pollution, insecticides, residual infections and medications accumulate within the body's tissue. This toxic accumulation causes the various systems to function less efficiently. Many people today are plagued with such diverse symptoms as chronic fatigue, headaches, digestive difficulties, allergies, sinusitis, recurrent infections, etc. They are often told that there is nothing wrong with them, or that their problems are psychological. Medications are often prescribed that do not cure but simply provide temporary symptomatic relief. These substances further weaken an already burdened system.

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