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Our vision at Longevity Health Center is to provide the most technologically advanced modalities in a warm, caring environment. The paradigm of integrative medicine is one of partnership between the practitioner and patient. Longevity Health Center is comprised of a dedicated staff and support personnel. We are sensitive to your individual needs and strive to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Our comprehensive services utilize the latest equipment and result-oriented techniques to assist you in achieving optimal health. We recognize that good health is more than just an absence of symptoms. It is our heartfelt desire that you be whole in body, mind, and spirit. We will educate and thereby empower you to make healthy choices as you integrate our recommendations into your life.

May Special!    

It's final exam time!  Boost your favorite student's brain power with our natural attention and memory supplements, as well as fish oils, all 15% off in our walk-in Nutrition Shoppe!  

Call or stop by our walk-in Nutrition Shoppe for recommendations on the best supplements for you.  You can also place an order at pharmacy@longevityhealthcenter.com


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Therapy Specials! 

Do you know someone who suffers with Shingles?  Frequency Specific Microcurrent can help!  Call us for more information. 

Never tried acupuncture in our office?  Call us to hear about new patient specials!  


Seneca Anderson

Seneca Anderson, founder of the Longevity Health Center, is a man well qualified by education and experience for his calling.

Realizing the complexity of modern health problems, Seneca Anderson has assembled a staff of dedicated, compassionate professionals to minister to the total person. The technologies he has mastered enable him to offer customized treatment protocols for each individual, thereby maximizing the potential for a favorable outcome.

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