A Naturopathic Perspective on Breast Cancer

A Naturopathic Perspective on Breast Cancer

The protagonists in Neil Simon’s play Brighton Beach Memoirs, dared not speak the dreaded word cancer out loud for fear that somehow by speaking it one could bring the dreaded curse upon ones self or close family. Few other illnesses evoke such a strong emotional response.

Statistically cancer strikes one out of three people in America. A number of years ago one out of five developed the illness. Obviously we are not winning the war against this dreaded disease in spite of the millions of dollars that are spent on research each year.

The paradigm of the conventional cancer establishment is that war must be waged against the aberrant cancer cells. The only weapons (besides "going under the knife") sanctioned for this warfare are nuclear or chemical. All of the so called advances fit into these categories.

Let’s examine a different paradigm. During the 19th Century a debate raged between Louis Pasteur and the scientists Antoine Beschanps and Claude Bernard. Pasteur believed the body to be sterile inside. He thought that all disease entered in the form of germs from without. Purportedly Pasteur recanted on his death bed. Beschamps believed that microscopic particles called endobionts, already present in the body, mutated into pathogenic organisms. Bernard believed that neither germs nor the endobionts were the primary factors in determining health and illness, but rather the Biological terrain determined weather germs thrived or endobionts mutated. A question often posed by Bernard was, "Do mosquitoes cause swamps?"

Lets for the moment view this subject from Bernard’s perspective, and compare malignant cells to mosquitoes. Can we destroy mosquitoes with toxic insecticides? You bet. For a season. Usually it takes more or different insecticides the next year to accomplish the same thing. Meanwhile, what, happens to the swamp? It becomes more and more toxic and nurtures more chemical resistant mosquitoes.

What’s needed in the war against cancer is a paradigm shift. We need to let go of the futile concept of destroying anything, drain the "swamps" in our bodies and rebuild our health. This is the paradigm of natural health.

During this century we have seen a dramatic decrease in infectious disease, to which modern medicine takes the lion’s share of the credit. The unfortunate other side of the coin is that chronic degenerative disease has dramatically increased.

If we view our planet as a living organism one might view the oceans as the planetary blood, and the continents the organ systems. As more and more pollution occurs on a planetary level, cancer will continue to increase.

The bad news is that there is no "one size fits all" magic bullet in the natural medicine arena. Many of the natural medicines are effective, but not for everyone, nor for every type of cancer. There is a concept called biological individuality. Everyone’s physiological and emotional needs are different. Many, for example, have achieved remission through a program of raw foods and juices. Others have recovered on an Atkins high protein and fat diet. The challenge in natural medicine is to determine what is best for each individual.

At the concluding summary from a seven day biological medicine symposium on cancer held in Baden Baden, Germany in 1987 the following points were made:

  1. Biological medicine prolongs the life expectancy of cancer patients.
  2. Biological medicine enhances life quality.

Every known type of cancer was studied at this symposium. Some cases were in the early stages with good prognosis: others were diagnosed terminal. Some patients opted to decline all conventional treatment. Others opted for a corroborative approach.

When a cure for this dreaded killer is found, it will fall within the natural medicine paradigm. In the meanwhile can the weapons in the oncology arsenal (surgery, radiation, and chemo therapy) enhance the life quality of those battling cancer?

Rarely do natural medicine practitioners utilize exactly the same remedies. It would be unusual for two patients with the identical type of cancer to receive exactly the same medicines due to their biological variations, differing etiologies, etc. Competent practitioners utilize laboratory analysis, microscopy, kinesiology, etc. in order to determine what to employ in each individual circumstance.

Some Proven Biological Protocols

Although all medicines will vary, the principles followed are always the same. For the purpose of this discussion let’s get more specific and discuss the prevention of an biological treatment for breast cancer.

  1. Detoxification
    It is the accumulation of toxins within the connective tissue that lead to the development of cancer. Sometimes these toxic accumulations are known carcinogens such as asbestos. More often they are toxic residues from old viral or bacterial infections, immunizations, toxic metals, or frequently in the case of breast cancer insecticides. Insecticides have a molecular structure very similar to estrogen and therefore have an affinity for breast tissue. A type of homeopathic medicine called nosodes, used in accordance with the science of homotoxicology can completely remove insecticides and other toxic residues.
  2. Drainage
    Once the offending toxins are removed from the tissue they must be eliminated altogether from the body. Unfortunately as we become toxic the various systems of elimination become more and more burdened. Draillage medicines are made from low potency homeopathic remedies and herbal tinctures. Their purpose is to enhance the function of the various systems of elimination so that the offending toxins can be completely removed from the body. It is imperative to provide lymphatic drainage with breast cancer.
  3. Antioxidants
    Oxidation on a cellular level is comparable to rust on metal. Medical science has determined that if we can control oxidative stress we can live to 120. Examples of well known antioxidants include vitamins A, E, and C, selenium, Zinc, green tea, and even red wine. Reducing our levels of oxidative stress effectively lowers our biological age.
  4. Immune Enhancement
    The immune system is usually compromised in cancer patients. Some time proven immune enhancers include colostrum, thymus extracts, astragalus, reishi, shitaki, and other mushroom extracts.
  5. Geopathic, electromagnetic and grid disturbances
    These are the most overlooked primary causative factors of cancer. There is some discussion of the possible negative impact of high tension power lines. Electromagnetic stress rarely comes from power lines. It is usually caused by Sleeping too close to electromagnetic fields. Some common examples of problematic field generators include: water bed heaters, electric blankets, heating pads, transformer plugs from cordless phones or answering machines plugged in beside or behind the bed, and television sets located too close to the bed. Occasionally these disturbances are caused by sleeping with the head of the bed against the wall where the power meter or air conditioning units are located. People who do not remove their battery powered wrist watches at night while they are sleeping also develop electromagnetic disturbances.

    Geopathic disturbances are caused by geological phenomena such as underground streams or faults in the earths crust. They amplify magnetism from the core of the earth and create a negative polarization in the sleeping environment. These are subtle disturbances. One must be exposed to these fields for at least a month before they adversely affect ones health.

    There is a lattice network of magnetic fields surrounding the earth. If one sleeps with two or more magnetic grids intersecting through the plane of their body it will eventually cause a grid disturbance. It is helpful to think of electromagnetic, geopathic and grid disturbances as non ionizing radiation. It is essential to shelter cancer patients from the effects of these disturbances, and to shelter ourselves in order to prevent cancer . Those suffering from these disturbances often feel fatigued in the morning even after hours of uninterrupted sleep. These types of disturbances are easily detected with various electro diagnostic modalities.

  6. The inheritance connection
    It is well known that women whose mothers or grand mothers had breast cancer are at greater risk of developing the disease. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, called this constitutional predisposition to illness a miasm. Miasms can be effectively treated and removed with homeopathic remedies.
  7. Estrogen replacement therapy
    Many types of breast cancer are closely linked with estrogen, which causes cellular division. Almost every woman over the age of 40 is prescribed estrogen. There are many effective natural remedies for hormonal balance and osteoporosis prevention that do not subject women to the unacceptable risk associated with estrogen replacement therapy.
  8. Focal toxicity
    Certain dental procedures cause fields of disturbance that are transmitted to remote areas of the body. Dental extractions that are not correctly performed leave areas under the gum line where the bone does not reform. These pockets are called cavitations. Bacteria form in the cavitations. Another suspect dental procedure is the root canal. It leaves a non vital tooth in the body which acts like a large splinter. Scars can also cause fields of disturbance.

    The acupuncture meridian for the stomach passes from the second toe up through the breasts to the lower jaw. Energetic disturbances from the jaw are transmitted to the breasts by this pathway. Women who have or are at risk for breast cancer would do well to get evaluated by a competent practitioner of one of the electro diagnostic modalities or a practitioner of biological dentistry.

  9. Antiperspirants and deodorants
    Any person with or interested in the prevention of breast cancer should avoid antiperspirants and deodorants that contain aluminum.
  10. Emotional toxicity
    Resentment and bitterness are two of the most negative emotions. It is human nature to view ourselves as innocent victims, but this world view fosters illness and death. When we harbor bitterness and resentment our energy is dissipated. We become unable to live in the present moment, and eventually unable to live. Cancer patients must guard themselves from these life sucking killers.

Jesus said that we must forgive others 70 times 7 times. We humans are incapable of this. We must bring ourselves to the place where we are willing to forgive, and thus initiate what can only be described as a supernatural transaction. Love never tails.

There is a notable mindset among cancer survivors. They refuse to succumb to the temptation to view themselves as innocent victims. They possess what could be called an attitude of gratitude. They gratefully accept each day as a gift, and view their illness as a growth opportunity.

Anne’s Story

Anne is a beautiful young woman and breast cancer survivor. She prayerfully considered the various treatment options, and after lumpectomy decided to decline further conventional treatment. She positively radiates good health, and amazes others with her beauty and vitality. Initially when her well meaning friends asked her about her treatment she told them. Almost invariably they unconsciously cursed her by telling her that what she was doing was all well and good, but she better undergo chemo just to be sure.

Anne and I discussed this at some length. We decided that cancer is so pervasive today that everyone has been affected by it. If what Anne is doing is right, it makes the unsuccessful treatment others have undergone wrong. On a subconscious level this is very threatening to people. Anne has learned to be more discriminating about what she shares with whom.

Recently my dear friend Kathy passed away from metastatic melanoma. She lived a quality life with the illness for 10 years, and gave birth to two lovely children. A few days before her death she told my wife that she wouldn’t trade places with anyone. She had learned to find joy even in her pain.

Her pastor shared the following words at her funeral, which could best be described as a celebration:

Cancer is so limited

  • It cannot cripple love,
  • It cannot shatter hope,
  • It cannot corrode faith,
  • It cannot eat away peace,
  • It cannot destroy confidence,
  • It cannot kill friendship,
  • It cannot shut out memories,
  • It cannot silence courage,
  • It cannot invade the soul,
  • It cannot reduce eternal life,
  • It cannot quench the spirit,
  • It cannot lessen the power of the resurrection


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