I am in 52 years old and in perfect health.  In August of 2011 I had a golf cart accident and hurt my tail bone.  After x-rays, an MRI and several office visits, I still had this unbelievable pain when I sat anywhere for long periods of time (at the movies, on an airplane, etc.).  Chiropractors could do nothing for me.  I then tried acupuncture with Alice Honican.  Although I had heard and read about it, this was my first personal experience.  After my first visit, the pain was reduced by 50%.  I would say that at this moment the results are unreal.  I have practically no more pain.  With one more visit to go in my 5-part series, I think it will be all good.  No more pain killers and cortisone injections!  I should also say that acupuncture is cheaper than x-rays and and MRI.

- Philippe Lorson, July 2012

"In the late 1980's I was diagnosed with arthritis.  My doctor said I would have it for the rest of my life.  I was only 42 years old.  The medicines were killing me.  I went to Dr. Anderson and within 30 days I was cured.  I haven't had a pain since.  I am now back with another issue and am very optimistic about the outcome.  Thanks for all the loving care."

- Ralph Barker, September 2011

For the last 12 years, I've always had to have an ultrasound on my left breast as I have fibrocystic lumps and they always want to double check after the mammogram.  After coming to Longevity Health Center earlier this year and going through the detox protocol, this is the first time in years that I have not had to have an ultrasound.  When they said, "You can go," I said, "Really?  Are you sure you don't have to do an ultrasound too?  I always have to."  They said, "No, you are all clear!"  I know it totally has to do with the detox program that I did.

- Freda Witherspoon, July 2011

Last February, 2009, I heard the words “breast cancer,” and I was shocked to the point of not even being able to function. I was devastated, fearful, depressed, and lost all equilibrium. I felt the urgency to get something done, so I ended up having a lumpectomy and then another lumpectomy, and the recommendation of yet another lumpectomy or even a double radical mastectomy followed by radiation and Tamoxifen for positive estrogen receptors. The thought of undergoing all of this overwhelmed me beyond compare.

However, since I was told that I needed to have the surgery within a month or two, I began scheduling appointments with a plastic surgeon who would do the reconstruction following the mastectomy and then an oncologist who would administer the Tamoxifen and radiation and monitor me for at least five years. The Tamoxifen is a very powerful drug to literally cut off the production of estrogen and will produce some very bad side effects. My depression was mounting.  My husband, Tom, and one of my daughter’s, Stephanie, begged me to see Dr. Anderson prior to taking drastic steps. Although, I knew Dr. Anderson since he had been treating my family for various things, I also knew that there was absolutely nothing that he could do to cure cancer, and my sense of urgency was growing along with my desperation to get it all over with. Well, in order to satisfy Tom and Stephanie, I agreed to consult with Dr. Anderson.

Boy, do I vividly remember that faithful day last April when Stephanie and I both sat in his office. I can hardly describe the feelings of peace that overcame me as he laid out a program for me, and then held hands with Stephanie and me and said the most beautiful prayer that I have ever heard. I felt a huge sigh of relief as my debilitating fears began to diminish. I canceled the appointments that I had made with the plastic surgeon and the oncologist and made the decision to follow Dr. Anderson's advice. It was a massive burden lifted from my shoulders.

It has been 10 months since the onset of my treatment, and my heart is singing. Of course, I have done nothing but the healthiest things for my body – no surgery, no radiation, no tamoxifen and no pain. I did exactly to the letter what Dr. Anderson prescribed, and I feel fabulous! On my last visit in December, Dr. Anderson did some extensive testing and found NO signs of carcinoma anywhere in my body. Tom and I were both in the room and could hardly believe his words. Even though, Dr. Anderson does not endorse radiation in any fashion, he advised me to go have a digital diagnostic mammogram just for my own peace of mind and confirmation of his findings.

So, on December 31st, 2009, I had a digital, diagnostic bilateral mammogram at Northside Hospital. I have to admit that I was still somewhat nervous even with full confidence in Dr. Anderson and his treatment. The mammogram results returned and everything is clear no signs of malignancies, no suspicious masses – no anything. It’s a great ending to a year of many ups and downs.  I will continue treatments on a maintenance level to prevent ever hearing those dreaded words again.

I owe thanks first to God for his most merciful provision and healing hand, and then to Dr. Anderson for being such a wonderful and caring physician with only my best interest in mind. My heart overflows with gratitude to him and his staff for their fine care and for making my experiences so peaceful and uplifting. I thank Alice for her part of my care in balancing my hormones so that I have no need whatsoever for Tamoxifen and for administering electro lymphatic treatments. I thank Sarah for her sweet administration of the lymph treatments and thermographies and the many hours of enjoyable conversation with both of them. Of course, the ladies in the pharmacy have answered volumes of questions while filling all of the healing remedies responsible for my successful treatment. I remain grateful to Teri for her expert advice and guidance along the way. She has a sweet way of calming fears and drawing people back to sanity. Thank you, Kay, Melina and JoAnna for being part of a winning team and for all of your well-meant and loving advice, guidance and knowledge that have carried me. You are all very special to me, and I remain eternally grateful!

Kathy Hall
January 11, 2010

Our daughter, Stephanie, injured her right pitching shoulder that we believe was from overuse and throwing a drop ball too much. We began searching for a cure. We went from total rest with ice to going to an orthopedic who performed and MRI, then a very painful arthurgram which showed no tears and then we went to chiropractors and finally to a physical therapist whose conclusion was that this was all in her head. We were referred to Longevity by our catcher, Mekenzie, who had exploratory surgery (which came up negative to try her acupuncturist.)

We came here as a last resort, but through our education here, it should have been our first resort. Stephanie had this chronic pain for almost two years and within a couple of treatments, she had lost the pain in her elbow and wrist through acupuncture. We then added FSM to reduce the inflammation in her shoulder. We treated Stephanie all through the summer of 2007. She was able to return to her team and play varsity softball at her school while still being in the 8th grade. We noticed her speed came back and she was able to throw all of her pitches including the drop ball. She has been pain free since summer. We are coming in for preventative maintenance when needed.

Finding Longevity has been an answer to prayer. Alice and Penny were invaluable in giving advice and encouragement to us during this process. We have alsoadded more water to our daily diet and have been grateful for the introduction to Intramax, a dietary supplement. God made our bodies to functionas a whole and not just a shoulder or wrist. We would be glad to share our experience with those who are fearful or skeptical. Sometimes you have to get to the “end” to discover where you should begin.

Debbie Berry
Feb 18, 2008

“My primary health concerns prior to seeing Dr. Anderson were headaches, fatigue, digestive problems and generally feeling depressed about my health. My headaches improved by learning I was allergic to dairy and gluten products. Within 48 hrs. of starting my products, I was feeling much better. He can always find the problem.

Prior to first hearing about Dr. A in April 1997, I had been praying for answers to my poor physical health. He was the answer to my prayers!!!”
- Cindy

Dr. Anderson and Emily

Almost 5 years ago, after the birth of my first child I became very ill. I spent countless hours going to doctors, asking them what was wrong with me. I was tired all the time, but could not sleep. I had no energy, and pain so bad that I wondered if I was dying. I also suffered from chronic sinus infections, and yeast infections and was constantly given antibiotics by my doctor. I was confused and disoriented. I had erratic menstrual cycles and PMS from well you know where I went from being totally organized, in control, and on top of everything in my life to not knowing if I would be able to get out of bed the next day and care for my daughter, Katherine.

My doctor kept trying to prescribe one medication after the other, but I knew I didn’t want to take medications the rest of my life. I also had fertility problems. My husband and I had gone through infertility treatment to conceive our daughter, as I was not conceiving naturally. Then my husband and I went back to our infertility clinic to discuss having a second child We were told that I was peri-menapausal and that if I did not have a child immediately that there would be little to no hope of having a child in the future. About the same time, my neighbor who had been told she could never have children and had gone to a naturopath and was pregnant. She had a friend who also became pregnant only after alternative treatment. Her husband mentioned this to me, but I was yet unable to hear the message.

I felt I needed to concentrate on getting better before I could pursue another pregnancy. I started doing research and talking to everyone I could think about regarding my health problems. Again I kept running into people who had gotten better after going to a naturopath. The miraculous thing was this naturopath was the same person, Seneca Anderson. So I decided I had to see go see him. I visited Dr. Anderson for the first time in March of 1999. I did everything he told me to do. In addition I changed my diet totally and began to walk almost everyday. Not long after I was told by the infertility clinic that the chance of me conceiving with my eggs was virtually non-existent.

Dr. Anderson had told me on my first visit that he felt if I stayed on the program and got my general health back that I would be able to conceive on my own, something I had not done before even after years of trying. I have to admit I was skeptical. Within three months I was sleeping better, had tons of energy, little pain, the chronic yeast infections and sinus infections has subsided and I was having regular menstrual cycles minus the PMS symptoms (something I had NEVER had since puberty). I FELT NORMAL. I conceived in July but miscarried in September. My husband and I were both excited (I had conceived naturally!) and saddened at the loss of the pregnancy, but I kept on the program. We also moved that fall and I lost my father (Lots of stress) but I continued to exercise, eat healthy, and do everything Dr. Anderson suggested that I do to better my health.

In December 21, 1999 I conceived Emily Elissa who was born on September 25, 2000. She is a wonderful incredibly sweet little girl and we will be celebrating her one-year birthday soon. Although I always knew that I would have another child I was unsure how I would get there. Now I know that Dr. Anderson was the a key component in getting our little Emily here.
- Karen Knosher

“I have seen Dr. Anderson for chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr Virus, systemic candida, and numerous sinus infections. My first few visits were very encouraging and positive. Dr. Anderson worked on my systemic candida and chronic fatigue by doing a general detoxification of my body through non-invasive, gentle homeopathic remedies. Initial response was slow but steady with the eventual result of strengthening my body to be able to run 5 miles a day (after 4 months of treatment). Almost 10 years later my overall health is very good, although I get frequent sinus infections, which are effectively cleared up by Dr. Anderson. I have experienced elimination of sinus headaches and congestions, improved strength and stamina after my initial detoxification for CFS and systemic candida. I also have improved mental clarity and sense of well-being. I truly appreciate Dr. Anderson's ability to pinpoint very specifically the nature of the problem; and his ability to choose the exact remedy to help the body and or rid the toxin. Then he prescribes vitamins, herbs, and supplements to aide the body’s immune system to support the healing process.

I am so glad that he is there. With Longevity I know I can heal without harmful drugs and pharmaceuticals.”
- Rich

“I had been diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer and went to see Dr. Anderson one month before treatment started. The visits made me feel pro-active in my treatment and not a victim. I feel that it allowed my body to withstand the assault of chemo and radiation. Five years later my cancer is in remission and I am physically strong and able to enjoy life. When I get a cold or a normal, everyday illness I am able to get over it without antibiotics. I am also able to walk 3 miles a day with no problem and at 64 this is wonderful, especially since I have only 10% use of my left lung.”
- Sandra

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